Customer Reviews lets you share your customers’ reviews on your favorite social media platforms. This allows you to leverage your customers’ high opinions of your store and your products to bring in new customers, build your brand awareness as well as reach an entire new audience.

You can choose which of your customers’ reviews to share on social media using your account at Moreover, you will be able to customize the layout of the banner that you post on your social media platform using our visual editor. To get started, you need to create an account on

Then, a license key will be required to connect your WooCommerce store to So, on the latter website, make sure that License Keys is selected in the left panel and click either Free License Key or Pro License Key. A free license key will unlock most of the features of the plugin when it comes to social media integration but a Pro license key will add an additional feature that some stores might find very useful, as we’ll discuss later in this article.


As soon as you get a License Key, copy it to your clipboard, head to your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to Reviews, Settings and make sure the License Key Tab is selected. Paste the license key in the input box and hit Save Changes. The screenshot below shows license activation for the Free version of Customer Reviews. After saving your changes, you should see Active: Free Version as License Status. If you have a Pro License Key, Active: Professional Version would be shown instead.

Now you can start publishing reviews. So, on, select Reviews in the left panel and make sure that your website is selected from the drop down menu in the top right. If everything was done correctly, you should see a list of reviews left by your customers for products bought from your store. You should also see reviews left for your store if you enabled this option.

One thing to be mindful of is that you will not be able to see or publish reviews that were received prior to installing Customer Reviews. You need to have received at least one review through the plugin's verified reviews process for you to be able to publish anything on social media.

Note that you can have the list show only the products that have been published to social media or that are unpublished by choosing All, Published or Unpublished respectively as a filter (see the screenshot above). Also, you can choose to show only products that were given a particular rating (from 1 to 5 stars) by your customers. Simply choose which rating you want displayed in the Rating option.

When you are done sorting and found a review that you want to share, click on Publish to social media to open the visual editor so that you can customize and publish it.

Customizing the Review Banner



The left side of the page will show how the review will look when posted on a social media platform. You can use the options on the right panel to customize the banner to your liking and the changes made will instantly update the banner to the left. The different options are explained in the next sections.


This is an option that allows you to track which reviews you have published on social media and which you haven’t yet. Note that you need the tick or untick the box manually. The box will not be automatically ticked after you click the Publish button and post a review on your social media platform.

Show Product

You can decide to show a picture of the product in the review banner by choosing Yes. In the screenshot above, an image of your product will replace the picture of the shoes.

Link to

When you post a review on Facebook, you can choose where to redirect any potential client who clicks on the review. The Link to option is what will decide where they will be redirected. For free users, customers will be sent to a verified copy of the product review on

If you don’t want the post to send your customer to, download the banner as an image and post it on Facebook, as explained in the “Publishing the Review” section below.

With a Pro License, you can send the customers directly to the product’s page on your website and this can significantly increase the chances of them making a purchase. To do so, simply choose the Product option for Link to and enter the link where you want the customer to be sent to in the Product Link input box.


Product Background

This changes the color of the background behind your product. In this case, it’s set to white.

Text Color

Use this option to customize the color of the text on the review. In this case, it’s set to white as well.

Background Color

This option changes the color of the main background. In our case, it’s currently set to green.

Background Image

It is possible to use an image for the background instead of a plain color. To do so, choose Background Image and select an image from our library. You can search the library by typing keywords in the search box and hitting search button. In the example below, we changed the plain green background to an image of a sliced orange.


Publishing the Review

When you are satisfied with how your review banner looks, you can then move on to publishing it on your chosen social media platform. So, click the Publish button. In the new window, you can choose either to publish it on Facebook or download the banner as a .PNG image so that you can post in on any other social media platform.


If you choose Publish on Facebook, a new window will open, asking you to sign into your account. You can then customize how the review will be posted on Facebook and who will be allowed to see it, just like you would do for anything that you post on the platform.


Final Words

If you are not leveraging social media to attract new customers, you are losing a lot of business. As you have seen in this tutorial, sharing your customers’ reviews is not difficult at all and can make a real difference to your marketing strategy. If you are having any trouble with social media integration, you can post your questions on our support forum or if you have a Pro License Key, you can open a ticket and our Support staff will help you resolve any issues.