If you're not able to access your account on CusRev.com, it is most likely because you forgot the password to your account - or you don't even have an account with CusRev.com. Either way, this article will help you to restore access to your account.

Reset Password

The first thing you should do when you can't access your account is to try resetting your password. When you try to reset your password, you'll get an email regardless of whether you have an account registered for that email address or not.

  • If there was an account associated with the email address you specified, you'll get a password reset email with a link to reset your password. The link is valid for 2 hours. After that, the link will expire and can no longer be used to reset your password - you'll then have to request another email.

  • If there was no account associated with the specified email address, you'll also get an email, but instead, you'll get an 'Account not found' email saying that no account was found for the email you specified.

  • If you did not get any email whatsoever, please make sure to check the SPAM or JUNK folders in your mailbox.

Create a New Account

If for whatever reasons, you still can not access your account - it might be a good idea to create a new account. After you've created the new account, you will be able to request a license key (Free or Pro) and link it to your existing eCommerce store. Learn more about it here.

After you link the new license key to your eCommerce store, your reviews and settings will not be affected, everything will remain as-is. To link the license key to your store, please enter it on the 'License Key' tab in the plugin's settings.

We hope that this solution was helpful. If you have any questions about the plugin, please don't hesitate to post them on our support forum or submit a ticket for our support team (available for customers with Pro licenses).