Our website provides an option to reset password for your account: https://www.cusrev.com/login.html. If there is an account associated with the email address you entered, the system will send an email with a link to reset the password to that email address.

  • It is possible to request reset of password for an email address that is not associated with any account. For security reasons, the website will still display a message that a password reset link has been emailed to you. However, no email will actually be sent.
  • If you requested reset of your password and did not receive any emails after 10-15 minutes from us (please make sure to check SPAM folder as well), then you probably never created an account on our website with this email address. The basic features of our plugin can be used without creating an account, so it could be that you have been using our plugin for some time but never created an account.
  • If you didn't receive the password reset email, create a new account here: https://www.cusrev.com/register.html. After you create an account, you will be able to request a license key (Free or Pro) and link it to your store.
  • To link the license key to your store, please enter it on the License Key tab in the plugin's settings.