This tutorial explains how to import and export reviews stored in the standard WooCommerce format.

How to Import WooCommerce Reviews

Customer Reviews plugin has a built-in utility that facilitates import and export of WooCommerce reviews and star ratings using a CSV file. You can use this utility to import reviews from another WooCommerce store or from a third-party reviews platform. All you need is a CSV file with the reviews that need to be imported and basic spreadsheet skills.

How to Create a CSV File

You will need an empty CSV file to get started. You can create one yourself but we recommend using our import template, which you can find on the Import page of the plugin (Reviews > Import / Export). Regardless of the option you choose, your CSV file must have the following headers:

The headers must be in the first row of the CSV file.

Product Review Information


This is the content of the review you got from your customer. This field can accept alpha-numeric characters.


This is the rating your customer gave you. This field is numeric and accepts a value from 1 to 5.


This is the date the review was originally posted. The timezone is the same as your WordPress installation, but where that is unavailable, it fallbacks to GMT. The date format is MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM (i.e. Month/Day/Year Hour:Minute).


The is how the plugin identifies the product that should be associated with the reviews. You can find WooCommerce products IDs from your 'edit product' URL, which usually looks like this '/wp-admin/post.php?post=665&action=edit', in this case, 665 is the product_id.


If you want to import a general store review, kindly use -1 as the product_id.


This is the name of the reviewer, usually, full names are best.


This is the email address of the reviewer.


This is an optional field that refers to the ID of the order that produced the review. Please only use this if you exported the reviews from a store that already uses our plugin and the domain that you are importing to matches the domain you exported the reviews from. Please also make sure that the orders that were on the former website are also on the new website.

mediaThis is an option fields that can be used to import images or videos (media files) with reviews. You need to provide a comma-separated list of URLs for the media files that you would like to import. After import is completed, the media files will be attached to the review.

Your CSV file should look like this:

How to Import Reviews from CSV File

The import process includes three steps. Please navigate to the Reviews > Import / Export page and:

  1. Create a CSV file according to the template.

  2. Upload the edited CSV file to the plugin's import tool and click "Upload"

Common Errors

  • Make sure that columns are separated with commas (,) and not semicolons (;). MS Excel in certain languages (e.g., German) might use semicolons (;) instead of commas (,) as a default separator for CSV files. Please make sure that you save the CSV file using the format with commas (,).

How to Import Reviews to

Unfortunately, it is not possible to import reviews to at this moment. The reviews imported as explained above will show up on your WooCommerce website and product pages, but their verified copies will not be published on your store's page at This is because the plugin doesn't have any means to automatically verify the authenticity of imported reviews.

We are currently developing tools for automatic verification of reviews imported from other sources and hope to be able to offer this option in the future.

Video Tutorial

How to Export WooCommerce Reviews

You can have the full export of your WooCommerce reviews in just two clicks. Visit Reviews > Import / Export > Export and:

  1. Click on the Export button
  2. Click on the Download button

Yes, it's that simple.

Video Tutorial



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