For whatever reasons, if you need to collect reviews without actually posting them - you actually can. Maybe you're not ready to launch your store yet, or maybe you just don't want to publish your reviews until you've gotten quite a number of reviews. Either way, here's how to do it in a few simple steps:

1. Enable the Moderation of Reviews: Visit our plugin settings page at Reviews > Settings and check on the setting that says "Moderation of Reviews" (i.e.

2. Disable Trust Badges: Visit the trust badge setting page at Reviews > Settings > Trust Badges, untick "Trust Badges". If it is already unticked, leave it that way.

That's all. Your reviews will be collected, but not published. Whenever you're ready to publish - you can simply approve all your reviews by going to Reviews > Reviews and selecting all your reviews, and then selecting 'Approve' from the bulk options list. Your reviews will now be published on your website and on their respective product pages. Optionally, you can re-enable Trust Badges, if you want your reviews to be published on (for authenticity).