CusRev provides an option to use advanced email templates for emails that are sent to customers. Sometimes, after configuring and enabling the advanced email templates, the plugin continues using basic email templates from its settings in WordPress. You can follow these steps to troubleshoot this issue.

1. Change the option "Verified Reviews" to "Independently Verified" on our plugin setting page Reviews > Settings > Review Reminder, to send the review reminder template on our server.

2. Set a language for the advanced email template (e.g., Estonian) in the plugin's settings (Reviews > Settings > Review Reminder > Language).

3. Please make sure that the advanced email template is created in the same language that you specified in our plugin's settings on your WordPress site.

We hope that this solution was helpful. If not, please don't hesitate to reach out to us on the support forum. If you have a Pro license, please create a ticket on this portal for priority support. We are always available to help you.