Our plugin supports a list of filters that can be used to customize the plugin in various ways. If your store sells products to many countries but you want to send review reminders to customers from a specific country only (e.g., UK), you can use the filter cr_skip_reminder_generic.

Below is a sample code snippet that could be added to the functions.php file in a theme/child theme folder to check the country of the order based on the billing address or shipping address. This activity requires PHP programming skills. It is essential to make a full backup of the website before proceeding with any adding any code snippets.

function my_cr_skip_reminder_generic( $skip, $order_id ) {
    //code to modify $skip as required
    //it is possible to read information about WooCommerce order using $order_id variable
    if( 'GB' == get_post_meta( $order_id, '_billing_country', true ) ) {
        //change _billing_country to _shipping_country if you get the country code from the Billing Address or Shipping Address
         return false;  
    return true;
add_filter( 'cr_skip_reminder_generic', 'my_cr_skip_reminder_generic', 10, 2 );
After implementing this code snippet, review reminders will be scheduled only for the UK country ('GB' country code). If review reminders are to be for other countries, there will be an order note "CR: a review reminder was not scheduled due to a bespoke filter" added but no review reminder will be sent.

Note: you will still be able to send the review reminders to the customers manually.