We recommend to translate our plugin using the official WordPress translation system: Customer Reviews for WooCommerce Translation. It is the best way to translate plugins but it has one downside - you need to wait for the Translation Editors to review and approve your translations.

If you don't want to use the official WordPress translation tools, there are several 3rd party plugins that you can use for translating our plugin directly on your website. One of the most popular translation plugins is called Loco Translate. Loco Translate is a WordPress plugin that allows you to translate WordPress plugins and themes directly in your WordPress dashboard.

Here are the steps to use Loco Translate for translation of our Customer Reviews for WooCommerce plugin:

1. Install and activate the Loco Translate plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory.

2. Once activated, go to Loco Translate > Plugins.

3. Choose the plugin Customer Reviews for WooCommerce and click on Edit Template button.

4. Click on the Sync button and then on the Save button to fetch and update the newest strings from the source code of our plugin to the translation template file .POT.

5. After updating the strings, go to Loco Translate > Plugins > Customer Reviews for WooCommerce and click on the New language button to add the required language unless it is already in the list.

6. You need to choose a location of the .PO file as 'System' to display the translation strings on the frontend. After a new language is added, please click on the buttons Sync and Save to make sure that everything is synced.

7. Once done, you can search for the strings and translate them.

8. After translating the strings, you need to go to Settings > General in the standard WordPress settings and set the field Site Language to the language for which you have just created translations.

Voila! The plugin strings have now been translated and will be displayed in the required language. Below is an example of a translated review form:

More Questions?

We hope that this solution was helpful. If not, please don't hesitate to reach out to us on the support forum. If you have a Pro license, please create a ticket on this portal for priority support. We are always available to help.