One of the main feature of our plugin is to automatically schedule review reminders (invitations) for completed WooCommerce orders. If you enabled automatic review reminders in the plugin's settings (Review Reminder tab) but no reminders are sent for newly completed orders, please follow these troubleshooting steps to identify the problem.

1. Enable Automatic Reminders

First, make sure that automatic reminders option is enabled in the plugin's settings. Our plugin has a feature to detect staging sites and automatically disable review reminders (to avoid sending customers two reminders about the same order from live and staging sites). This feature sometimes gives false positives and disables automatic reminders on live sites. If this happened on your site, please follow this solution to resolve the problem: Automatic Review Reminders Turned Off.

2. Check Order Status

Verify that the correct order status is configured in the settings (Order Status field). Review reminders will not be scheduled automatically unless WooCommerce orders have this status.

3. Check Product Categories

Verify that review reminders are enabled for all product categories in the settings (Enable for field). Review reminders will not be scheduled and sent for all categories, if you choose to select only specific product categories.

4. Check Roles

Verify that review reminders are enabled for all user roles in the settings (Enable for Roles field). Review reminders will not be scheduled and sent for all customers, if you choose to select only specific user roles.

5. Check Guests

Verify that review reminders are enabled for guest checkout (Enable for Guests field in the plugin's settings). If this option is disabled, customers without accounts on your website will not receive review reminders.

6. Check Order Details

Next, find an WooCommerce order for which you expect a review reminder to be automatically scheduled. Open this order and check order notes. You can view order notes by going to WooCommerce > Orders menu and opening a screen with details of the order. Order notes are usually located in a sidebar on the right as shown below:

Check if the order notes include a message about scheduling a review reminder. If there is a message about a successfully scheduled review reminder, go to the step 8 of this guide. If there is no message, then go to the step 7.

7. Order Status Update via 3rd Party Integration

How order statuses are updated in your WooCommerce store? Is it done via the standard WooCommerce user interface or via integration with some 3rd party service / plugin? If order statuses are updated by some 3rd party service / plugin, try to update the order status from the standard WooCommerce page (WooCommerce > Orders) and see if it resolves the problem.

If order status update from the standard WooCommerce page successfully triggers scheduling of review reminders, the problem is related to how the 3rd party plugin / service integrates with WooCommerce. You will need to reach out to the support team of the 3rd party plugin / service and report this problem. The most likely root cause here is that the 3rd party service / plugin makes order status updates directly in the database without calling the standard WooCommerce methods. As a result, WooCommerce doesn't trigger any hooks to notify other plugins (including ours) that the order status was updated.

8. Problems with WordPress Cron

If the order notes include a message confirming scheduling of a review reminder but you don't see any reminders in the list of scheduled reminders located at Reviews > Reminders, check if WordPress Cron works correctly, and if there are any plugins that might interfere with creating new WP cron events. The following plugins are known to cause issues in some cases:

As an alternative to WordPress Cron, you can try using CR Cron. CR Cron perform scheduling of review reminders on a dedicated server, so you don't need to worry about troubleshooting problems with WordPress Cron. Here is a tutorial about using CR Cron: CR Cron.

9. Order Status Update via WooCommerce REST API

If you are using a 3rd party service that updates order statuses via the official WooCommerce REST API, review reminders should be automatically scheduled without any issues. If it doesn't happen, you should check errors in the PHP log on your web server. Make sure that debugging is enabled and information about errors is written to a log (see Debugging in WordPress). After debugging is enabled, update an order status via the 3rd party integration and review information in the error log. Most likely, you will find some internal server errors there. These errors could crash your server during update of the order status and prevent execution of further actions such as scheduling of a review reminder. Next, identify which plugin(s) caused these errors, deactivate them, and check if the issue will be resolved.

More Questions?

If none of these steps helped you to resolve the issue with scheduling automatic review reminders, please don't hesitate to contact us on the support forum or submit a ticket for our support team (available to customers with Pro licenses).