Automatic review reminders are sent with a delay configured on the Review Reminder tab of the plugin's settings. They are triggered based on a status of an order in WooCommerce. The recommended setting is to trigger review reminders after the 'Completed' order status in WooCommerce.

Some stores create multiple additional customer order status in WooCommerce that have similar meaning as the standard 'Completed' order status. For example, multiple order statuses could be created for different payment methods. Unfortunately, the plugin does not (yet) support multiple order statuses for triggering automatic review reminders. For this reason, it is necessary to use a workaround solution.

The workaround solution for triggering review reminders after multiple order statuses is to create one more status and use it as the final order status. All completed orders should end up in this final order status. For example, if you have two custom order statuses for different payment methods like 'Paid by PayPal' and 'Paid by Stripe', create one more custom order status like 'Payment completed' and use it after the 'Paid by PayPal' and 'Paid by Stripe' status. Then, if review reminders are triggered after the 'Payment completed' status, they will work for multiple previous order statuses like the 'Paid by PayPal' or 'Paid by Stripe'.

Please refer for this solution for additional information about review reminders and custom order statuses: Custom Order Status for Review Reminders.